Nigerian Journal of Parasitology is the official organ of the Parasitology and Public Health Society of Nigeria. The Journal is devoted primarily to pure and applied research and provides a medium for the rapid publication of investigations in all aspects of Parasitology. The Journal will publish original researches and technical studies carried out in the country, as well as works and documents from elsewhere which are of interest to Nigeria or empirical configuration. 

Vol. 44 No. 1 (2023): Nigerian Journal of Parasitology

Published: 2023-05-03

Further Studies on Helminth Parasites of Fish in Asa Dam, Kwara State, Nigeria

A. A. Junaid, O. Q. Junaid, M. J. Shuaib, A. A. Kolawole, F. Adamu, L. H. Bello, J. S. Omotosho


Intestinal parasitic infections among HIV/AIDS patients in relation to ART adherence in Nigeria

E. O. Udeh, R. N. N. Obiezue, C. B. Ikele, C. A. Otuu, I. C. Okoye, S. S. Eke, F. C. Okafor, O. N. Goselle, P. Jwanle, N. S. Iheanacho, P. O. Abba, N. M. Amali


Prevalence of Sarcocystis Species in Naturally Infected Ruminants and Pigs in Benue State, Nigeria

H. I. Obadiah, O. Byanet, O. Byanet, M. E. Okoh, M. O. Ogbole, A. H. Vambe, V. A. Ede, U. L. Asuwe, J. P. Igbe, M. D. Yina, M. D. Yina, V. O. Onum, C. E. Odaji, J. Z. Imoni, B. E. Okopi, A. M. Igbalumun, K. M. Ikyausu, , B. O. Atu, E. A. Omudu


Screening for Pathogenic Trypanosomes in Cattle and Camels Slaughtered at Zango and Kawo Abattoirs, Kaduna State, Nigeria

R. J. Yusuf, F. N. C. Enwezor, T. O. Olanrewaju, R. L. Bizi, M. A. Kugama, O. A. Abraham, M. J. Salawu, K. Y. Jarmai, S. Abubakar, M. A. Saidu, O. J. Onogwu, A. A. Tijjani, C. D. Sarki, D. Abdullahi, H. Sabo, H. Ibrahim, I. C. Asongo


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