Withdrawal Policy

  1. Purpose:

This Withdrawal Policy outlines the guidelines and procedures governing the withdrawal of manuscripts from consideration or publication in Nigerian Journal of Parasitology. It aims to establish a transparent and fair process for authors who wish to withdraw their submissions and ensure the integrity of the journal's publication process.

  1. Withdrawal Requests:

2.1 Author Request: Authors may request the withdrawal of their manuscript at any stage of the publication process by submitting a formal written request to the editorial office of Nigerian Journal of Parasitology. The request should include the manuscript title, manuscript number, corresponding author details, and the reason for withdrawal.

2.2 Co-Author Agreement: Withdrawal requests should ideally be made with the consensus and agreement of all listed co-authors. It is the responsibility of the corresponding author to communicate and obtain agreement from all co-authors regarding the withdrawal request.

  1. Pre-Publication Withdrawal:

3.1 Before Editorial Decision: If a withdrawal request is received before the completion of the peer-review process and the editorial decision, the manuscript will be promptly withdrawn from further consideration. The withdrawal request will be acknowledged, and the manuscript will no longer be reviewed or processed for publication.

3.2 During Peer-Review Process: If a withdrawal request is received after the manuscript has entered the peer-review process, but before the editorial decision, the request will be reviewed by the editor-in-chief. The withdrawal may be granted if the request is deemed reasonable and the manuscript has not yet been assigned for review or the reviewers' comments have not been sent to the authors.

  1. Post-Publication Withdrawal:

4.1 Published Manuscripts: Once a manuscript has been published online or in print, withdrawal requests are generally not accepted. Exceptions may be considered in rare cases involving ethical concerns, serious errors, or legal issues. Post-publication withdrawals require a formal written request, along with a detailed explanation for the withdrawal and supporting evidence.

4.2 Retraction: In cases where a published manuscript needs to be removed from the journal due to ethical misconduct, severe errors, or invalid findings, a retraction process will be initiated. Retractions will be carried out according to the journal's Retraction Policy and guidelines set by relevant academic bodies.

  1. Consequences and Considerations:

5.1 Publication Record: Authors should carefully consider the decision to withdraw a manuscript, as it may impact their publication record and credibility within the academic community. It is advisable to consult with co-authors, mentors, or advisors before submitting a withdrawal request.

5.2 Resubmission: If authors wish to resubmit a withdrawn manuscript to Nigerian Journal of Parasitology or any other journal, they should clearly indicate the manuscript's withdrawal history during the submission process. It is essential to address any concerns or issues that led to the initial withdrawal and provide transparent and accurate information to the new journal.

  1. Contact Information:

For inquiries or further information regarding our Withdrawal Policy, please contact us at [insert contact information].

By submitting manuscripts to Nigerian Journal of Parasitology, authors acknowledge and agree to adhere to the guidelines and procedures outlined in this Withdrawal Policy.